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Manufacturer: Black Dog Machine, LLC

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Black Dog Machine- Sonic Welded UZI 32rd Magazine!
  • Polycarbonate/Glass filled material
  • New & improved black follower
  • New Sonic Welded seams gives greater strength over the epoxied mags
  • 30RD capacity
  • Smoke coloring allows you to see ammo status

    Works with:

    Does not with: 
    • Action Arms
    • MPA Defender
    • Group Industries
    • ATK 98
    • IWI
    • Walther Arms
    • Masterpiece Arms
If you are looking for a magazine for the Masterpice Arms model, these magazines were shipped and modified by Masterpiece Arms to fit their rifle.
One known modification: A notch was cut in them for a "mag catch".  Thats all of the information we know of.

THUMB LOADERS-  The Christie's UZI.22 EZ Thumb loader will work on this magazine.

Product Reviews

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Glad I bought some
Steve (Post Falls, ID) 9/25/2019 11:41 PM
I took 5 of these magazines to the range and ran them in my HK91 with the BDM adapter. They fit well and locked up tight. I put 25 rounds in each mag twice, 250 rounds total. I had a few failures to feed, but overall, it ran well. The down side was every single magazine would only partially feed the last round, shaving the tip and putting a dent in the case. If Black Dog ever does an update to the follower,or whatever is causing the problem, they'll have a flawless product. For the price charged, I can afford to lose a .22 round each magazine, especially compared to the price of factory 20 round magazines.
Great Product
Duane Meade (Baltimore, MD) 11/7/2015 2:22 PM
Purchased 4 of the 22lr magazines. They worked great ion my full auto Vector UZI. I loaded them with up to 33 rounds with no issues. Full mag dumps were flawless. Make sure to stagger the rims when loading. I'm ordering another 10.
Join_NRA (Hartford, WI) 10/27/2014 4:53 PM
Effective & economical! Being careful to stagger the rounds as I loaded them, it functioned very reliably in my HK91. The last round rarely fed, regardless of how many rounds I loaded, due to the follower's angle to the feed lips being slightly to big. This allowed the last round's rim to sag just below the bolt, causing the bolt's leading edge to miss the rim and shave the bullet's tip. Otherwise VERY reliable. This mag is VERY long and you need to be careful when setting the rifle's butt down after a string. Though sturdy and well-designed & well-built, it can only take so many hits. A 20 or 25-rounder with a little less room inside the magazine's body, plus a longer tail on the follower might make it perfect. Too bad that the market for this wonderful device is so limited. I'm ordering more, right… NOW!
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