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M261 Olympic Arms .22lr Magazine

Price: $24.00
Manufacturer: Black Dog Machine, LLC

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  • Colors: Smoke, Black, 10 round only in smoke color
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with the BHO (Bolt hold open) Follower
Lock in issues? Click on the last picture for instructions on how you can fix this issue.

---This magazine will not work with Olympic Arms UMAR 22-50 AR.

PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer able to convert these to the Bushmasters Modified magazine. If you are looking for a magazine for the Bushmaster please visit:

Product Reviews

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Had magazines, built rifle to use them :-)
Ken Taylor (Clayton, NC) 7/8/2018 7:00 AM
Several years ago I purchased a dedicated .22 upper from Compass Lake Engineering. It is built from a modified M261. I was given a couple of Black Dog Bushmaster Carbon 15.22 mags by a friend. They worked with the CLE conversion. However, the CLE is a match rifle and tips the scale at 14#. Not the thing to plink with. But I had the two mags and hated to have them go to waste. I had CLE build me a .22 conversion barrel turned to the original "pencil" profile. I built this onto an early style upper receiver and finished it with Brownells retro furniture in green (like the original Airforce rifles). A great toy. I went to the Black Dog site to purchase more of the Bushmaster mags when I found this one. Designed for the M261 and only $15. I purchased a dozen and some spare parts. The mags work great. The only ammo which I have found not to feed reliably are some Winchester bulk pack hollow points. They will not feed reliably in the military conversion magazine inserts either. In fact, the hollow points are so large that the cartridges are hard to feed into my S&W 617 revolver with a speed loader. Bottom line, I am VERY pleased with these magazines and the customer service I have received from Black Dog Machine. I highly recommend both!
PSA lower, DPMS upper, with M261 USGI bolt
Thomas (WI) 11/17/2016 1:04 PM
I was shooting on 11/16/2016 with the above rifle (budget build) and the magazines work great. I used CCI, R-P, and Winchester ammunition, some HP but mostly round nose. Zero FF 's due to the mags. CCI had a few rounds with light strikes, but I attribute this to the bolt and the ammunition. Great products and reasonable pricing. Grandson has a standard conversion, his mags also worked great.
m261 mags
martin hill (Center, TX) 4/17/2014 4:21 PM
i bought 3 of these a wile back and they worked well with some types of ammo [wouldn't feed hollow points very well]so afte doing some needel file and sand paper work to the humpty-bumpty feed ramp i was able to get them to feed much better a redesign on this would make them a lot more reliable.these are still vry good mags and i would recomend them for purchase.also adding a load assist button would be wonderfull.i'm only giving this 3 stars because of the feeding issues and no load assist button.
Olympic & Blackdog
Barry Gafford (Texarkana, TX) 8/28/2013 1:02 PM
I just purchase an Olympic conversion with the Blackdog magazine and the system works perfectly. Getting ready to order two more magazines. These magazines are well made and perform as they should
SpecOps-13, Weapon Systems T&E
Dave Milburn (St. Petersburg, FL) 7/14/2011 3:39 PM
This magazine works great with either the Military version M-261 or the commercial version done by Olympic Arms... It's the only option for an M-261 high capacity magazine too....
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