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Manufacturer: McFadden Machine Co., Inc

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The Lightnin' Grip Mag Loader comes from McFadden Machine... That's the genius behind the "Ultimate Cliploader" for Ruger MK pistols. Their new Lightnin' Grip Magazine loader for the Ruger 10/22 has the same ingenuity and reliable function... And Here's Why:  
  First, McFadden realized there are significant differences in the lips and feed angle of aftermarket 10/22 mags. Some are off-center and others are centered... These first two adaptors address those two characteristics and load Tactical Innovations, Butler Creek, Shooters Ridge, Champion, Ramline, and Eagle magazines flawlessly. Adaptors for other magazines are coming as soon as each one is perfected (Sorry not for Ruger Brand Magazines).
  Second, This loader shoves your .22 shells directly backward into the magazine. A long, straight trigger lever stroke accomplishes this completely in one action. Other 10/22 mag loaders have a turn-crank that can sometimes jam or slow down the loading process. 
Here's How the Lightnin' Grip Works: Load the hopper with up to 50 rounds of 22 ammo. Shake the loader to align the shells. Insert your magazine into the adaptor. And just keep pulling the lever until your magazine is loaded. Watch the video (below) to see how easy it is!

Black Dog Machine Product Fitting Guide:

X Form Magazine- AR15.22 Adapter

Sonic Weld Mag- AR15.22 Adapter

Gen 2 Magazine- AR15.22 Adapter

Gen III AR15.22 Mag- None needed- has thumb assist

10.22 25rd Stick Mag- CENTERED 10.22 Adapter

10.22 Drum- Does not fit into either 10.22 Adapter, drum tower is too large to lock in.

COLT/DPMS Gen III Magazine-None needed- has thumb assist

S&W Drum- S&W M&P15.22 adapter DOES NOT WORK- Ammo will not feed into drum. It WILL work in the factory S&W magazine.
M261- NONE

Product Reviews

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Worth its weight in gold
Anonymous (Anon) 1/10/2019 6:31 PM
If you shoot a lot of .22 then this is a must-have in your range bag. I've fed a good variety of ammo (CCI, Aguila, Remington, Federal) and it all fed great. Occasionally the very last round will jam up, but a littler percussive maintenance fixes it. Otherwise I've yet to have an issue using this with my AR-15 .22 magazines.
Daniel Putnam (Wallkill, NY) 10/18/2018 6:56 PM
Makes loading magazines a fricken breeze. No sore thumb and you can load as fast as you can pull the trigger. Seems like the plastic isn't all that durable but I haven't had any cracks or issues. Would recommend to anyone.
Works Fantastic!
C Rice (Woodbridge, VA) 4/21/2018 1:22 PM
This loader is the proverbial sliced bread when using BDM mags with .22lr conversions. All my mags have the extended follower and this device is flawless. Because of now owning this, I'm taking my .22lr dedicated AR's to the range more often. A must have if you like your .22lrs!
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