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Dealer Purchase Terms & Conditions
Buyer shall pay the full amount of any invoice on or before the date for payment set forth on such invoice or be subject to finance charges of 1.5 % per month plus payment of all costs of collection if payment is not received 10 days after the due date. In the event that any invoice is not paid when due, in addition to payment of finance charges and collection costs, Black Dog Machine, LLC may, at its option, require that all other orders be sent C.O.D. , or may suspend further deliveries until the account is paid in full. Expired cards rejected for payment will make your account(s) subject to all applicable penalties, fees and even disconnection. It is your responsibility to notify the Black Dog Machine, LLC at 208-465-1940 if your Card Holder information, including the expiration date, changes.
Returned Checks:$25 charge will be assessed on any returned check.
Credit/Debit Card transactions- 4.5% fee.
Non-Manufacture's defect return restock fee 20%

In consideration of the credit which Black Dog Machine, LLC may hereafter extend to above purchaser, I (or we) jointly, severally and unconditionally guaranty payment when due of any present or future indebtedness owing by the purchaser to the seller and in whatever form it may be evidenced. I (or we) hereby waive notice of any and all defaults in payment by the above name purchaser. This is a continuing guarantee applying to all present and future indebtedness arising out of any and all transactions, including collection and legal fees incurred to collect balances due, made by the purchaser with the seller until revocation is received by seller, in writing, only by registered mail at its office, 9986 Cherry Lane, Idaho 83687.

I, the undersigned agree to the terms above and authorize Black Dog Machine, LLC to initiate credit or debit card transactions in the amount due on the given invoice I understand that these transactions will continue until I notify Black Dog Machine, LLC otherwise in writing and I agree to hold Black Dog Machine, LLC harmless for charges resulting from my failure to provide Black Dog Machine, LLC updated Card Holder information.

Order Acceptance or Rejection. Purchase Orders must be submitted to Black Dog Machine, LLC at least 10 days prior to
requested shipment date by fax, email or mail. Black Dog Machine, LLC may accept, reject , or cancel orders placed by Dealer for any reason. Black Dog Machine, LLC shall not have any liability to Dealer by reason of such rejection or cancellation. Dealer understands and agrees that Black Dog Machine, LLC can not guarantee availability of products in light of market conditions and product delivery may be delayed or require substitution of comparable products based on availability. Black Dog Machine, LLC will provide notice of accepted purchase orders to Dealer. Until notice of acceptance is provided by Black Dog Machine, LLC, Dealer’s Purchase Order pricing is not guaranteed. Purchase Orders with quantities of 300+ must be submitted 4 weeks in advance as we need that time to prepare materials, manufacture and assemble product.

Pricing. The prices set forth in Black Dog Machine, LLC ‘s price schedules/sheets are not guaranteed and Black Dog Machine, LLC may change its pricing at any time provided that Black Dog Machine, LLC will honor quoted prices on Purchase Orders accepted by Black Dog Machine, LLC prior to the effective date of the price change. Black Dog Machine, LLC will endeavor to provide Dealer written notice of price changes in advance of the effective date of such charges. Prices do not include any sales, excise, use, property or other taxes, duties or fees no in effect or hereafter levied which Black Dog Machine, LLC may be requested to pay or collect in connection with the sale of the products to Dealer.

All transportation, packing and insurance costs and other charges will be paid by Dealer.

Shipping and Handling. Dealer shall specify delivery requirements on its Purchase Order. These include lift gate, residential, call ahead, or any other particular requirements. Black Dog Machine, LLC will use commercially reasonable efforts to meet the delivery schedule set forth in accepted Purchase Orders for products. However, Black Dog Machine, LLC shall not be responsible for any loss or liability suffered by Dealer as a result of delay in delivery of product or for lost, misdirected, missing, or damaged freight. Under no circumstance is delivery date guaranteed. Black Dog Machine, LLC charges $10 for DROP SHIPPING.

Expedited Orders. Standard order processing time is normally five to ten business days after acceptance of purchase orders for
Dealers with approved credit, or after payment has been received by Black Dog Machine, LLC, for in-stock product. Rush orders are shipped via standard delivery methods unless other arrangements are agreed to Black Dog Machine, LLC and Dealer. All shipping costs remain the responsibility of Dealer.

Returns and Refunds. Dealer may submit a request by phone, email or fax for return of product after product has been delivered to a common carrier for delivery or to an employee or other agent of Dealer at Black Dog Machine, LLC ’s facility. No returns will be accepted without a Return Merchandise Authorization, whether for restocking or any other reason. Special order materials and sale items are not returnable. Dealer is responsible for return shipping costs. Black Dog Machine, LLC will not accept freight collect, freight due, or other unpaid shipments on returned items. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these terms, Dealer may not return any products after the 30th day following delivery for any reason other than in connection with a valid warranty claim asserted by the Dealer or unless given permission by an authorized Black Dog Machine, LLC representative. Returns shall be mailed to Black Dog Machine, LLC. 
Attn: Returns (include official RMA#) 9986 Cherry Lane, Nampa, ID 83687. Dealer’s return will be inspected and proper credit or replacement product will be issued to Dealer within 5 to 10 business days. Dealer will be notified if replacement product is not currently in stock and given an estimated time of when product shall be expected. Refunds may be issued 5 to 10 business days after approval from an authorized Black Dog Machine, LLC representative. Non-Manufacture's defect return restock fee 20%

Product Markings; Ownership of Intellectual Property. Products sold to Dealer may bear markings, legends, or trade names placed thereon by Black Dog Machine, LLC. Dealer agrees and acknowledges that all trademarks, trade names, patents, trade secrets, inventions, service marks, and other intellectual property associated with the products belong solely to Black Dog Machine, LLC and that Dealer has no rights to such property. Dealer covenants and agrees that said markings, legends, and trade names shall not be altered, removed, concealed or covered by Dealer, nor shall any marking, legend or trade name be added to the products by Dealer, unless required by law or otherwise approved in writing in advance by Black Dog Machine, LLC.

I agree and understand that by signing via Electronic Signature Acknowledgment, that all electronic signatures are the legal equivalent of my manual/handwritten signature and I consent to be legally bound to this agreement. I further agree my signature on this document is as valid as if I signed the document in writing. Under penalty of perjury, I herewith affirm that my electronic signature, and all future electronic signatures, were signed by myself with full knowledge and consent and am legally bound to these terms and conditions.

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Dealer Purchase Terms & Conditions Buyer shall pay the full amount of any invoice on or before the date for payment set forth on such invoice or be subject to finance charges of 1.5 % per month plus p
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