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Cranker Loader Instructions

Note: Now works with the BDM X Form Magazine!

Will not work on AR15.22 Gen III or the 50rd Drum

Instructions for using your BDM magazine loader

The following tips will ensure that you get the best possible performance and
longevity from your loader.

1. Fill the loader hopper before inserting the magazine into the loader. Hold the
magazine in your left hand with the hopper and magazine at about a 45 degree
angle away from your body You should be able to see the rounds through the
recess in the top of the loader as they enter the magazine. See illustration below.

2. Turn the loader knob clockwise (the top of the knob will be turned away from
you) with your right hand. Turn the knob smoothly with a slight hesitation as each
round is loaded to allow the loader to feed and position the next round. Shake the
loader occasionally to keep the rounds feeding to the magazine lips.

3. If excessive resistance is felt before the magazine is full rotate the knob
backward to properly reposition the last round for loading. If this does not resolve
the issue the magazine is either fully loaded or jammed. Forcing the loader knob
may damage the loader, magazine or ammo. Before removing the magazine from
the loader turn the knob backwards until it stops to prevent the loader from spilling

4. The red loader rotor will get dirty with use and will need to be cleaned. The need
to clean the rotor will be obvious by the buildup of a dark residue and a reduction
in loader efficiency. A Q tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol or other mild solvent will
effectively clean the rotor without harm.
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