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Item Number: MLO3
Manufacturer: Christie & Christie, Inc.
Christie & Christie Thumb Loader for the AR15/M16-.22LR

Once you get the rhythm going, you'll be amazed how quickly you can load your magazine!
  • Small enough to carry in your pocket
  • The AR15.22 Thumb Loader is made of 60% nylon and 40 % mineral filled which is a very hard polymer
  • It is durable and resists oil, grease and acetone
Will fit the following Black Dog Magazines:
*AR15.22 Drum Note: You typically won't need it since it already has a thumb loading feature.
  * All 1st generation AR15.22 Black Dog "Skinny" Mags
    * All 2nd generation AR15.22 Black Dog Full Bodied Mags
      * All AR15.22 Black Dog short profile Mags
         * Mini14 Black Dog Mags
          * Works on metal mags

Note: May also work on the following magazines, (but we do not recomend it for a nice fitting loader).
  • Black Dog Machine UZI mags for the Vector Uzi conversion kits
  • CZ V-22 Black Dog Mags
Does NOT fit the following magazines:
* WASR AK.22
* M261/Olympic Arms or the Bushmaster mags
* 10.22 Black Dog Mags

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