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Black Dog Machine, LLC

We are the leader in manufacturing high capacity magazines for the Ciener/Atchison©, Spike'sTactical©, Tactical Solutions, and Olympic Arms .22 uppers and kits. (The Olympic Arms is commonly called the M261 .22 LR conversion kit). We also offer high capacity magazines for the WASR AK/22-AKT98 and RPD dedicated .22 rifles as well as rebuild parts for UZI .22 caliber magazines and many more. Please feel free to browse our website. If you have any questions please use the Contact Us page.

Before founding Black Dog Machine, LLC., Kevin Rich spent more than 20 years building molds for plastic parts, (3 axis CNC cad/cam), part designing, model making, prototyping and firearm parts. Throughout the years, he earned his 07 FFL manufacturer's license and SOT class 2 manufacturer's license.

Black Dog Machine LLC was established in 2004 where business still consisted of mold making, prototyping and firearm parts. The production of magazines started in early 2007 with an idea to develop the conversion magazines for the AR-15/M-16.22  rifles. The BDM Gen I (skinny body) magazines developed over the years along with Gen II (full body), X Form, CZ-V22, M261, Magnum .22, Bushmaster, WASR AK 47.22 mag and the latest AR15.22 release "V208" magazine.


The Black Dog Machine product line is up for acquisition. 
Serious inquiries please e-mail

Customers- Do not worry or hesitate buying our products because of this message. Please know that products, quality, service, warranties, will remain the same if there are any changes in ownership in the future. 

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