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Manufacturer: Black Dog Machine, LLC

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GEN III Black Dog Magazine for the
.22 Colt / DPMS

Look closely at the feed lips of our magazine. One side of the feed lips are higher than the other. If your original magazine has this, or if your mag well requires this notch as a lock-in, the Gen III magazine will fit your rifle.

  • Steel Feed Lip
  • Easy load-Thumb Pull down
  • 32 rounds
  • Easy to disassemble


Material: Polycarbonate

Color: Black

Feed Lip: Stainless Steel

Warranty- Manufacture Lifetime Warranty

Precaution- Thumb Pull Down Feature: Never use this feature without loading ammo into the magazine. Sliding the thumb assist down the magazine while unloaded then releasing the thumb assist back to original position will most likely damage the internal pieces. If this happens, the Warranty is voided. 

This magazine will not fit:
Umarex and others that may not be listed.

Product Reviews

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Retired LEO
Michael Boone (Rocky Mount, NC) 1/15/2013 5:41 PM
I bought this magazine for my colt 22 conversion kit and it works so good. I only had one colt ten round magazine and they are hard to find. No need looking for a Colt when you can buy this magazine and shoot more rounds. Thinking about buying another.
black dog excellent
Leroy King (Dublin, OH) 12/23/2012 8:12 PM
got several of these for my DPMS DA22. The worked great, one came with ejector tab bent and gave BD a call and it was replaced with no fuss. Finally have more then just my 2 10rd mags to work with... thanks BD
Richard Combs (Pottersville, MO) 8/17/2012 2:42 PM
I own an old AR-15/M-16 Colt conversion. Until now there were no available mags for this unit. The Colt mag has an integral ejector in the left feed lip. I got lucky and found the Black Dog mag on the internet. After 14/15 failures to feed (dust in the old unit?) it settled in and ran like a top!!! Man, am I pleased! Now I can ease the wife into the world of the AR-15. THANKS! Pros: a Colt mag, at last; snug fit, bolt holds back after last round, made in U.S.A. and, it works. Cons: 2.5" longer than a GI 30 rnd mag; pricey (oh, well) Maybe a shorter, 10 and 20 rnd in the future?
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