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10.22 Drum Tips

Common Questions & Helpful Tips

10.22 50rd Drum

Clear rubber bands: Each drum is assembled with one clear rubber band and two extra bands taped to the inside of the drum box.

Black dummy rounds: The plastic black dummy rounds that look like bullets are an important part of the drum assembly. They feed the ammo from the drum body to the tower. We do not recommend using them as real ammunition.

Spring Tension: If you come across feeding issues, the drum spring may be too tight causing ammo to rush up and out the tower. You may also have feeding issues if the spring is too loose. The manual provided will walk you through disassembling the drum to adjust spring tension to work with your firearm.

Bolt Drag: We have noticed that some 10-22's have higher cut lockups than others resulting in bolt drag. Test the drum in your rifle unloaded by pulling the bolt back to see if you are getting any bolt drag on the left feed lip (taller lip). If so, you can remove a small amount of material without affecting the performance of the drum.

Winding Rotor: Pulling the rotor counter clockwise and letting go will most likely damage the drum.  It can cause the internal followers to break.

*Drum replacement parts can be purchased on our website.

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