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10-22 Ruger 25 & 10 Round Magazines

Black Dog Machine 10/22 Ruger XRing Magazine
Black Dog Machine 10/22 Ruger XRing Magazine
Price: $21.00
Manufacturer: Black Dog Machine, LLC
Manufacturer Part No: 1022-SM-25

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Black Dog Machine 10-22/X-Ring 10 and 25 round magazines. 
This magazine was patterned from the original Eaton Design that is no longer available. 


  • 10 or 25 Rounds
  • 15% Glass-Filled Polycarbonate Bodies
  • Glass-Filled Feed Lips
  • Color: Smoke
Top of magazine dimensions: (Square section that goes into rifle)

H- 1/14"
W-1 1/4"
L- 1.5"

Overall Length of Magazine: 7.5"

***Check for bolt drag before using your magazine!***

Bolt Drag: We have noticed that some 10-22's have higher cut lockups than others resulting in bolt drag. Test the drum in your rifle unloaded by pulling the bolt back to see if you are getting any bolt drag on the left feed lip (taller lip). If so, you can remove a small amount of material without affecting the performance of the drum.

International Orders: We are not authorized to ship countries other than the United States. 


Black Dog Magazines are made with Polycarbonate; this is the same material that is used for bullet proof glass. The magazine is tough and takes heat well, but like most plastics it does have a weakness. Chemical cleaners like Hoppe #9 and acetone or toluene can have an affect on your magazine. Fear not! The solution to this is simple: Remove your mags before cleaning your gun. The cleaners that attack Polycorbonate will all air dry in a few minutes. If you want to clean our mags use warm soapy water or WD40.


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